Meatball cupcakes with mashed potato frosting

Meatball cupcakes recipe by cupcakepedia

I always loved meatballs and to make meatball cupcakes with mashed potatoes frosting is something special. Meatballs are easy to make and there are lots of recipes for meatballs around. Today I am sharing a Meatloaf (meatball) Cupcakes and/or Muffins, whichever you want to call them. These meatballs are made basically from ground beef or turkey mixed in with veggies and spices. It sounds delicious already, isn’t it?

This meatloaf or meatball cupcake recipe is a healthy turkey version of meatloaf over at Danica’s Daily. For the lovely mashed potato “icing”, check at First Look, Then Cook. A combination of meatballs and mash potatoes. I can’t wait already, how about you?

3 responses to “Meatball cupcakes with mashed potato frosting

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